Below are some of the testimonials I have received through the years…

Comments about Personal Training with Flexercise…

“During my consultation, I told Michael my goal was to get myself into the best shape ever. I wasn’t unfit when I signed up to 12 sessions with Michael – as a keen runner and rookie triathlete, I was in pretty good shape. From Michael I wanted a professional, personalised training programme that would help me become a stronger and more powerful runner, swimmer and biker. The first 12 sessions flew by and now I keep extending the blocks because I constantly see evidence of my improvement and feel great for it. Michael knows his stuff! He’’s also personable, positive and extremely motivating. He varies my sessions, regularly incorporates new exercises and finds ways to make standard exercises more interesting. The variety means there is never a dull session. At the end of each hour, I know I’’ve had a good workout,– my whole body tells me so! I would really recommend training with Michael if you want to invest in improving your fitness and getting results.”

“I have always kept reasonably fit, enjoying running and playing squash. During the early months of 2012 I noticed that my knees would swell up after exercise, and there was nothing that I could do apart from rest to reduce the swelling. This became more common, and as I became unable to exercise without pain and weeks of swollen knees, I decided to seek help from my Doctor. In August I was told that I have Osteo-Arthritis, I’m only 42 years old and have always taken care of myself, so I was pretty upset about this. However, the Doctor told me that so long as I manage my weight, eat a healthy diet, exercise without impact and strengthen my muscles, then my knees could still last a long time. So I contacted Michael Dobson and booked in my free consultation. During the consultation Michael reassured me that it was possible to become stronger and actually improve my posture, and explained that working towards this need not cause me pain or discomfort. So I booked in for 6 sessions of personal training and have been going to the session once a week. It is now November 2012 and I have never felt better, I feel fit and strong and I have confidence in knowing that my knees will do what they are supposed to do! Michael has given me some really practical advice, so that I continue to practice simple exercises between sessions and he is always there to answer any questions. In addition to this, I have lost almost a stone in weight, which is a bonus!”
Janine O’Doherty

“Having completed 25 hours of a 36 hour gym course, I’ve really begun to feel and see the benefits of the time, energy and financial investment made with flexercise. I have enjoyed the routines developed for me by Michael and have felt and shown positive results in my original goals when securing the services of Flexercise. The private facilities are of a high standard and I would recommend and endorse Michael for the professional services he offers.”
Colin O’Keefe

“Michael always explains how things work in the body which I think makes it easy to understand how to achieve your goals. All the encouragement really makes me want to work harder. Each session is slightly different to make you work harder. I’m always shattered after a workout but feel great the next day.”
Emily Hunter-Higgins

“Personal Training is my one weekly commitment to maintaining a certain level of fitness. As someone not naturally in love with decent exercise, my personal training sessions are great because Michael always pushes me harder than I would push myself. I’m nearly always aching somewhere next day which is the sign of a good workout!”
Katie Christensen

“The 12 week course was very valuable. It achieved what I had asked for and I have no negatives to speak of. It was invaluable learning about muscle groups and the correct resistance techniques”
Tony Skwirzynski

Testimonials about Classes

“I found Michael online by doing a general ‘fitness instructor’ search in the Banbury area. The idea was to improve general fitness and knee strength after surgery. It was originally planned to be a short term focus before ‘going it alone’ again, so to speak but meeting Michael has changed everything I do and how I look at keeping fit. The classes he offers are fun, but more importantly challenging. As a beginner you never feel out of place or depth and are encouraged to work to your level. There is never any pressure to push beyond yourself (that’s your job!). The variety of attendees creates a great atmosphere to work in, the prices are cheap and although I am one of the more trying customers, Michael is always on hand at any time to give me advice and useful tips on how to keep improving myself. Whether you are looking for general fitness or aiming towards something more specific be it marathon training, abdominal and chest work, legs, bums and tums I couldn’t recommend Michael strongly enough. He knows his stuff but most importantly of all, he is a very nice, relaxed and easy person to speak with. Not all PT’s have this quality from my experiences!”
Richard Goodwin

“I’ve been attending Circuit Training and Running Club with Flexercise since last summer and the results are amazing. Yes, it’s hard work; running in the snow/ice/rain(!) and turfing out on a freezing cold night requires a bit of willpower but it’s totally worth it. Since increasing my exercise levels I’ve not only been fitter, I’ve got more strength, more muscle tone, more energy, fewer aches and pains and I haven’t had a single cold the whole winter, while friends and colleagues have been dropping like flies! I highly recommend you come along and see the benefits for yourself!”
Claire Kneller

“Great session last night, thank you….it’s far better than going to a gym where the classes are overcrowded and the instructor does not have the time to check you are working each station correctly, really enjoyed the session.”
C. Coldrick

“Thanks for helping me lose the last stone of a 5 stone weight loss.”

“Those trx ice skaters! Man do my legs & glutes ache and what’s better for me, I have dropped a trouser size and overall feel much more energetic since starting back in Sept 11. Really enjoy each weeks work out……one happy customer!”
Chris Murphy

“Since joining circuit training back in September 2011, the difference it has made to myself now being much fitter and losing weight(36 to 34 trouser size and ½ stone in weight), overall having far more energy and enthusiasm about exercise. Your style, approach, manner and class size has much to be proud of as your attention to the individual allows them to get the real benefit which is at times lost in the likes of other well known gym’s. Your circuits are always a challenge and what you put in, you get out, as you say “take it one step beyond”. Now TRX, this is for me a different type of exercise as its burns the calories and tones you. It’s very much in the technique of how you perform each exercise again to feel the benefit or the burn! The weekly combination of the two classes are ideal for me. I would recommend your classes to anyone who wants to exercise and make a difference! What I like is the mix of people who attend both classes and the banter that goes with it.”
Chris Murphy

“As a 42 year old woman that has never really exercised or what I have done never enjoyed, I’ve got to say that both in circuit training and now TRX I am tested to my limit and find extremely hard at times, but you are always supportive and encouraging, never making me feel inadequate(I do that bit myself), for that I thank you. Not only did I decide that I needed to lose weight, get fit but more importantly for me it was to try and feel good about myself again after a couple of very difficult years. You and your classes are playing a big part in me achieving that so thanks.”

“Good work out, great fun but knackered!”
Sandra Prewer

“Excellent again, thanks – Bring it on!”

“Another brilliant workout!”

“Fantastic workout – benefiting massively, thank you.”
Lisa Woodington

“Fantastic post xmas torture!”
Arnold Bailey

“Hard task master, but if I didn’t crawl out I wouldn’t come back. Wicked!”
Cheryl Goode

“Great session, thanks for pushing me!”
Chris Mobbs

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