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Personal Training

Training alone in a gym, without much knowledge of how to exercise to achieve your goals, can be quite frustrating. Motivation can become an issue and you might ask yourself “Am I doing it right?”, “What exercises should I be doing?”, or “How often should I exercise?”. Read More

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

We don’t always have the time or money to do full personal training sessions, so why not reduce the time and cost, and make it more intense, without sacrificing the effort and results. You can workout alone or with a friend. Read More

Group Training

If you like training in the great outdoors, and you share this interest with friends, why not make it a regular, social event. All you need is to gather a group of friends and join me for an outdoor full body workout, involving bodyweight exercises and atleast 20 minutes of cardiovascular work. The cardiovascular part of your workout can be your group decision. If you want a vigorous run, a quad burning bike ride or just a power walk, the choice is yours. Read More


Find out more about my classes by reading more. Read More


Massage is a great way of relieving the stresses of every day life. I offer Sports Massage or Swedish Massage depending on your needs or preference, in the comfort of your own home or if space is an issue, in my studio. Read More