Live Classes

Due to difficult times around the world and trying to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, some of the normal weekly classes have been cancelled until further notice.

Instead, to make sure you can all continue to workout, keeping yourselves fit and healthy, those classes have been replaced with live online classes at the same time and days as the usual classes. The classes are visible via a live feed from the ‘Flexercise Live’ Facebook group, so a Facebook account is needed to be able to take part.

The classes are as follows:

Monday @ 6.30pm – Live HIIT (online) – £3

Tuesday @ 6.30pm – Live Circuit Training (online) – £5 

Friday @ 6.30pm – HIIT (Hanwell Fields Community Centre) – £4

To take part in both online classes and HIIT at Hanwell Fields Community Centre in the same week, payment of £11 at the start of the week will get you access to the ‘Flexercise Live‘ group on Facebook for the whole week and entrance to the Friday class. Once booked and payment made, you can request to join the Facebook group.

When paying for single classes, you will need to request to join the ‘Flexercise Live‘ group each time, as members will be removed before the next class unless admission has been paid. You can request to join the group here. After approval to the group, the live class feed will be visible just before 6.30pm on the day of each session.

To book in, the current booking system can be found here

To make it easy, here’s a few simple steps to attend the classes…..

  •   Book in here.
  •   Make payment via bank transfer to…

Acc. No – 52163059       Sort code – 60-01-35

Note: Make sure the reference states your name and date of the class paid for (eg, ‘Joe Bloggs 23/3′) or for the full week add your name and week date (eg, Joe Bloggs  23-27/3’)

  • Request to join the Flexercise Live Facebook group here.
  • Log in to Facebook before the class time, have your towel, drink and any equipment ready (information given on the Facebook group), then follow the prompts to view the Live feed to watch and take part.
  • Enjoy your workout!

Please remember, when exercising at home without professional supervision, the correct technique cannot be checked and altered. By taking part in the class, you understand there is a small risk of injury and by joining the Facebook group  you acknowledge that your participation is at your own risk.

If you have any questions or need more information, please get in contact via the contact page here.