High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is a 30 minute workout that maximises the burn in the shortest time, to get results and save you money.

HIIT is a short term for ‘High Intensity Interval Training‘ and it’s definitely not for the feint hearted. To get the most from HIIT training, you need to be prepared to push your body to the limit for short bursts, over and over again with limited rests. This style of workout improves stamina, strength and maximises fat burning by increasing the resting metabolic rate (RMR) for 24 hours after the workout, making it a very productive and popular style of workout.

Not only will a HIIT workout save you time compared to a normal style PT session, it also saves you money! By bringing the time of the session down, I can also bring the cost down and you still get a great workout. HIIT is a great way of training but it’s not for everyone! I would suggest that you need to have a reasonable level of fitness to get the most out of this style of workout,  otherwise you will spend more time gasping for breath than actually putting the effort in. Here’s an example of a HIIT style workout of my own….

(Click on ‘settings’ and ‘1080’ for high definition video playback)

One of the great things about the HIIT style of training, is you can do it with limited or no equipment, anywhere and anytime. Some people struggle to work alone, so why not train with a friend to keep you motivated? That’s why my HIIT packages also enable you to train with a buddy so you can both maximise your efforts and most of all, your results!

For the cost of personal or joint HIIT personal training sessions, see my prices page. If you want more information, contact me today on 0794235586.