Group Training

If you like training in the great outdoors, and you share this interest with friends, why not make it a regular, social event. All you need is to gather a group of friends* and join me for an outdoor full body workout, involving bodyweight exercises and at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular work. The cardiovascular part of your workout can be your group decision. If you want a vigorous run, a quad burning bike ride or just a power walk, the choice is yours.

The great thing about group training with Flexercise, as each session is a set price, the bigger the group the less each of you pay individually. This makes it an appealing way of getting fit for less and using the time as a social workout between friends.
Group sessions are a fantastic way to motivate and push each other towards your fitness goals. The competitive nature we all have inside of us pushes us to be better, quicker, stronger, fitter, especially in a group. This is what makes group training the progressive fitness tool we all need to take part in.

If you have a park or field local to you and your group of friends that you would like to use, no problem! I will create a fun workout for your group to suit the surroundings and any special needs your group has. The session will last approximately one hour at the location of your choice.

All you have to do is gather a group of friends and let Flexercise take care of the rest! Let your friends be the motivation you need to make exercise a regular activity in your life, and see the benefits as your body changes and you feel fitter, stronger and more energetic to do things you once only dreamed of doing.

* Note: Maximum number of 8 people per group session.