Circuit Training

• Due to covid, classes are currently online only, every Tuesday and cost just £5
• Classes run from 6.30-7.30pm
• If you haven’t attended before, you will be required to agree to the terms and conditions, by answering a few short questions to enter the group
Booking is required

If you’re unfamiliar with the term circuit training, it’s a type of training where strength exercises, usually in the form of resistance, are combined with endurance/aerobic exercises. 
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Circuit training is a great way of achieving both a cardiovascular and resistance workout in a short space of time. It involves many stations with a different exercise at each station, typically lasting between 20 seconds to one minute on each before moving to the next. Resistance exercises are generally broken up with a Cardiovascular station in between, for example, skipping. Each exercise at every station is performed for the same amount of time alternating from resistance to cardiovascular, with minimal change over time between stations, until youve completed the full circuit. Once the circuit is complete you then have a recovery period to relax, stretch, have a drink or what ever you feel you need between circuits. Usually the circuit is performed more than once with the time for exercises decreasing with each circuit.

Circuit training is a great way to exercise combining strength and cardio training, especially if you’re short on time. A lot of women don’t lift weights because of the myth that comes with it, that lifting weights builds muscles and makes you look like a body builder. This is actually not true. If that was the case most men would have six packs! Lifting heavy weights with low repetitions encourages the body to increase muscle bulk (under a high protein diet), but lifting light weights with high repetitions in a circuit format encourages strength endurance. This will tone those problem areas that you would like to target.

As every individual is different, circuit training also caters for every body. You can do as many or as few repetitions as your body lets you in the time you have on each exercise, making it an ideal workout for a wide range of fitness levels. The great thing about circuit training is, as a group session with upbeat music, the more people that take part the better the atmosphere. So come along and take the first step to achieving your personal fitness goals.

‘Join us online in the comfort pf your own home where the aim is to achieve a quick, fulfilling workout that leaves you satisfied and feeling like you’ve worked every muscle in your body yet energised and wanting more.’

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