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I realise I have been slack with my blog for a long time and I suppose I could blame facebook!

As social media has grown, I tend to find more and more of my clients appear to be joining me and contacting me through facebook, as that seems to be easily accessible and the quickest way. That means, I generally spend a lot of time updating my facebook page and keeping people in the loop with classes and offers on facebook. Naughty me…..I should have been updating my website and especially my blog more often.

It’s 2016, a new year and the time I ask everyone what their fitness goals are for the year. Well, one of mine is to give my blog a little more attention. They won’t be long posts, but I will make an attempt to sit still long enough to update it with important information, so here goes….


Firstly, I’m now in a busy period where classes fill up and my PT time slots are in demand, especially my evenings! If you want a space at a class or you want a certain time slot for PT sessions, please don’t wait and be disappointed when you try booking and it’s gone, book early and save the disappointment.

Talking about bookings, please remember I do have a strict 24 hour cancellation/no show policy, so don’t be shocked if you cancel within 24 hours and still get charged, after all, it’s always been my policy and it is only fair as I cannot fill the space you’ve booked in such short notice.

Lastly, when booking PT sessions, payment is always made before the sessions on a session by session basis or in bulk if you’ve block booked. This is in case any cancellations take place within 24 hours and the session needs to be paid for. Again, this has always been my policy and it doesn’t change.


The last small bit of news is with regards to my Boxercise class. If you’ve ever done boxing before, you will know that gloves/mitts/pads cannot be washed and eventually they start to get that smell of sweat which isn’t particularly pleasant but can’t be helped. I do supply hand gel at my classes to rid your hands of the smell after classes but it’s better to keep your sweat to yourself for hygiene reasons. For this reason I have decided to put a small hire charge (£1) on my pads/mitts for use during the class starting in February. I am doing this to encourage regulars to buy their own equipment and bring it with them.

I appreciate this won’t always happen and the pads/mitts will always be there to hire if needed. To all who attend, thank you for your cooperation with this.

So, that’s it! We have just over 11 months of 2016 to train hard and make changes. I hope to see you all at some stage during the year and I hope I can help you make the changes you want!

Let’s do it!

TRX’ercise Training is here!

Finally, after lots of planning and finding the right venue, ‘TRX’ercise Training’ is finally here and I have now started two TRX Suspension Trainer classes each week.

I am very excited about these classes as I never recommend a product or service that doesn’t work. I’ve been using the TRX for years both with clients and more importantly my own training, so I know first hand the benefits of it. It really works and my training hasn’t just improved, it’s become more fun and functional with the TRX. There are also a number of sports clubs and football clubs using the TRX at present as part of their training, such as Liverpool F.C and Manchester City F.C. If professionals at that level use it, it can’t be that bad, can it? Personally I think it is one of the best fitness tools anyone can have and I’m sure my classes will be very popular when others experience the TRX and see or feel the benefits for themselves.

So what does the TRX give that other workouts can’t?……

The TRX doesn’t restrict movements at all, so the workout can be functional creating exercises from everyday movements. It also helps control exercises that people might struggle with normally because of bad posture or technique. It adds a balance factor which helps hit deeper stabilising muscles(especially the core and the rotator cuff muscles of the shoulders) and adds more difficulty to an exercise. The most important feature is that there are no heavy weights or no need to change weights between exercises. The simplicity of its design means that all exercises are with your own body weight and can be changed easily with a simple shuffle of the feet or hands, to increase or decrease the amount of bodyweight you are performing the exercise with! For example, many women struggle with press ups because generally they aren’t physically as strong as men, in fact a lot of men struggle with press ups too! But with the TRX the resistance can be decreased by raising the angle of the body to perform a press up at more of an incline. This makes exercises like press ups more manageable and appealing to a lot of people. One main benefit is that impact exercises can be controlled a lot more, so a great cardio workout can be achieved as well as a strength session. My favourite benefit is that the core of the body stabilises every movement we make but with the TRX it enhances the work through the core giving a fantastic session with each and every workout. With all these benfits, how can you not give it a try?

Now you’ve heard about what the TRX can offer you, why not come along to one of my classes and try it for yourself. Here are the details of classes…..

If you would like more information about the classes, please feel free to contact me on 07949 235586 or via my contact form to ask any questions you might have.

If you want to experience the TRX before committing to a weekly class, I am currently offering the first outdoor class at Bankside Park for FREE, so you can try it first. Remember to book in if you want to take advantage of this free class.

Come along and see what all the fuss is about. I hope to see you at a class in the near future.


Recently I’ve been looking for a few courses for CPD(Continuing Professional Development) and also some qualification that will enable me to put on an extra class or two.

I’ve been using the TRX Suspension Trainer for a long time so it seemed the perfect place to start. TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It’s such a fantastic piece of equipment that I recommend highly and take with me whenever I’m away from my studio and want a workout. It’s portable, light, versatile and creates an amazing full body workout. So, last week I took it one step further and gained my Level 2 Certificate in Suspension Training. This enables me to put on a class and show everyone else just how good a workout that can be achieved with the TRX.

So I’m thrilled to say that I will be starting a TRX class in the very near future. The wheels are now set in motion and the equipment has been ordered, so keep your eyes peeled for class dates really soon! If you are interested in a TRX class, please feel free to get in contact and ask any questions or ask for your name to be added to my mailing list, that way you will get up to date information on classes, offers and much more. If you’ve not heard of the TRX or you don’t know much about it, don’t worry, I’ve made the video below especially for you. This will give you an introduction into the TRX, how to use it and some of the many exercises that will be covered during a class with me. Enjoy the video…..

Now you’ve seen a taster of the TRX, if you are interested in attending a class as part of your training, contact me by filling in the form on my contact page or call me on 07949 235586.

It’s time to take your fitness to the next level.