Boxercise HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

• Classes are currently suspended due to covid. We are aiming for classes to resume soon.

If you like a high tempo style exercise class but also enjoy some adrenalin filled contact sessions too, this class has both! Think Boxercise, think HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and combine the two.

A quick 30 minute workout on the pads in pairs, combining high tempo body weight exercises with some thumping punches. Quick changeovers from gloves to pads will leave both you and your partner satisfied after a fantastic workout in just 30 minutes.


No time for standing still at this one, it’s full throttle, as fast and as hard as you can go from start to finish, maximising your workout benefit, making it an efficient and effective class for those short of time.

If this is your style of class, you may want to purchase your own miits/gloves (preferably ones easily put on and removed) and a pair of sparring pads. Both mitts and pads will be supplied for an additional cost of £1 if you choose not to buy your own, but after a while, all mitts and pads do have a tendency to have that hard working smell about them!


For those who haven’t attended a Boxercise class before, the technique will be covered before starting the class and only basic punches will be used, no difficult combinations.

Get yourself booked in and let’s HIIT those pads!