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Covid-19 Update: All classes have been suspended until further notice and have been replaced with online classes. Click here for more information or book your online classes below.

Book your classes/appointments on the calendar below…

Click on the desired class to choose from the available dates. Bookings can be cancelled upto 24 hours prior to the class, but all bookings cancelled within 24 hours of the class will incur a charge at the next class attended; double the price of the normal admission will be payable.

Once logged in, you can control all bookings by scrolling over your name at the top left, where you can view, reschedule or delete any bookings made. Please make sure you are not double booked on any classes as you may incur a charge for both bookings.

** NOTE **

When booking personal training or massage appointments, the booking is not confirmed until the trainer/therapist contacts you to confirm the booking.