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I realise I have been slack with my blog for a long time and I suppose I could blame facebook!

As social media has grown, I tend to find more and more of my clients appear to be joining me and contacting me through facebook, as that seems to be easily accessible and the quickest way. That means, I generally spend a lot of time updating my facebook page and keeping people in the loop with classes and offers on facebook. Naughty me…..I should have been updating my website and especially my blog more often.

It’s 2016, a new year and the time I ask everyone what their fitness goals are for the year. Well, one of mine is to give my blog a little more attention. They won’t be long posts, but I will make an attempt to sit still long enough to update it with important information, so here goes….


Firstly, I’m now in a busy period where classes fill up and my PT time slots are in demand, especially my evenings! If you want a space at a class or you want a certain time slot for PT sessions, please don’t wait and be disappointed when you try booking and it’s gone, book early and save the disappointment.

Talking about bookings, please remember I do have a strict 24 hour cancellation/no show policy, so don’t be shocked if you cancel within 24 hours and still get charged, after all, it’s always been my policy and it is only fair as I cannot fill the space you’ve booked in such short notice.

Lastly, when booking PT sessions, payment is always made before the sessions on a session by session basis or in bulk if you’ve block booked. This is in case any cancellations take place within 24 hours and the session needs to be paid for. Again, this has always been my policy and it doesn’t change.


The last small bit of news is with regards to my Boxercise class. If you’ve ever done boxing before, you will know that gloves/mitts/pads cannot be washed and eventually they start to get that smell of sweat which isn’t particularly pleasant but can’t be helped. I do supply hand gel at my classes to rid your hands of the smell after classes but it’s better to keep your sweat to yourself for hygiene reasons. For this reason I have decided to put a small hire charge (£1) on my pads/mitts for use during the class starting in February. I am doing this to encourage regulars to buy their own equipment and bring it with them.

I appreciate this won’t always happen and the pads/mitts will always be there to hire if needed. To all who attend, thank you for your cooperation with this.

So, that’s it! We have just over 11 months of 2016 to train hard and make changes. I hope to see you all at some stage during the year and I hope I can help you make the changes you want!

Let’s do it!