• Classes are held at Hanwell Village hall every Monday and cost just £6*
• Classes run from 8-9pm
• Beginners class first class of every month
• If you haven’t attended before, you will be required to fill in a short health and fitness questionnaire, so please arrive 10 minutes before start time
Monthly passes available
Booking is required
• *NOTE: If you bring your own mitts and pads the cost is only £5

Think Boxing, think exercise and combine the two! Boxercise takes the standard boxing punches and puts them into combinations Join us on Facebook Buttonaimed at creating a fun, safe workout. Everyone enjoys punching some pads for a little stress relief, so here is the perfect opportunity to take part in an exercise class which is a lot more fun than the normal classes. Don’t be fooled though… prepared to work hard!

Boxing is a great form of stress relief. There’s nothing quite like taking out a bad day on the pads. The hormone ‘Cortisol’ which is released when stressed, is a break down hormone which is detrimental to the body, so why not get the gloves on, head down to Boxercise and reduce those stress levels…’ll LOVE IT!!!

Take a look for yourself….

Boxing mitts, hand wraps and gel gloves are for sale at classes (upon request), if you would prefer to have your own for hygiene reasons. If not, mitts and pads are supplied but an additional £1 will be charged to hire them. Ask instructor for prices if you would like to purchase your own mitts and pads.

** NOTE: If you are a beginner, the first class of every month will be dedicated to beginners for learning the technique to all punches. All levels are welcome as all abilities will be catered for. This is a great starting pointing if you are unsure about attending and well worth popping along to if you’ve never taken part in Boxercise before **

To book, click here.