What drives us, motivates us!

Leading on from my last blog, I am continuing with the motivation theme. My last blog had plenty of tips to motivate you when exercising but what motivates us to start exercising?

A lot of people struggle to motivate themselves to exercise but what we forget is the reason why we started exercising in the first place. Whatever the reason may be to start exercising, it was enough to motivate you to make the first step. If you can remember the reasons why you started exercising, this should be the main motivation tool to keep you exercising until you reach your goal and beyond.

When I retired as a professional footballer and stopped the intense training that came with it, I had a big question that I needed answering, how do you train down from a professional career or an intense daily training programme? When we see the likes of Paul Gascoigne, Paul Merson (both ex England footballers) and many more retiring from football and piling on the lbs, it seems not many people know the answer to that question and it shows how the body can’t cope with going from training daily to training occasionally.

 My question became my motivation! I realised that if I didn’t continue training my body in the way it was used to, I would gain weight and my health would suffer. Therefore, my drive to stay fit and healthy and keep away from becoming an overweight ex professional footballer, was and still is what motivates me to keep exercising regularly. An important question you need to ask yourself is ‘why did you start exercising in the first place?’ Remember the answer to the question and use it. The moment you forget the answer, is the moment you lose a massive chunk of your motivation!

Another problem many people have is, when they reach their goals, they stop exercising. Why stop, let all the hard work go to waste and reverse the cycle? Why not continue with what you’ve started and maintain a fitter, healthier you and not get back on the slippery slope to becoming unfit again!

What drives us to start exercising, motivates us to continue!