The ‘Quick Fix’

Are you a slave to diets? Since the start of 2011 I keep hearing more and more people talking about diets to lose weight and get back in shape. As a personal trainer I cringe every time dieting is mentioned. I am a true believer that some hard work in the form of good old-fashioned exercise will get your body in a better shape than any diet and in this blog I intend to tell you why.

Many people across the world are after what they think is a ‘quick fix’ by losing weight fast, but in reality losing weight does not necessarily mean losing fat and by doing it so fast it doesn’t mean it will stay off! There are lots of diets out there all with different views, but many of them are about cutting calories. The problem about doing this, is your body goes into starvation mode and becomes less efficient in burning fat, in fact it stores more fat in the long run. When the body goes into starvation mode it actually thinks you are starving it of the essentials and stores fat. The bodies metabolism slows down to save energy, making the process of burning fat harder. Doing this makes weight loss very difficult for most people and over a long period of time can have the opposite effect.

When dieting, the initial weight loss experienced will more than likely be from water loss as the body goes into starvation mode, making it seem like it’s working. More often than not the individual will lose the weight they want then go back to eating the same way as before and will watch the weight creep back on! If the diet is sustained for long periods of time, due to a lack of calories, energy levels drop leaving the individual feeling weaker. The body also uses energy stores from muscle rather than fat decreasing the strength of the body slowly. Eventually the individual is left feeling weak, hungry and many fall off the wagon and binge eat to satisfy their craving of food therefore gaining weight.

I would always recommend a healthy eating programme working alongside regular exercise, where the individual eats up to six meals a day. This keeps the metabolism working at a more consistent level burning fat for longer periods rather than just at big meal times. Six meals should include three main meals, at breakfast lunch and dinner, and healthy smaller snacks in between with some exercise two to three times a week. Fat loss will be noticeable in a more healthy and sustainable way.

Don’t be tempted to try the ‘quick fix’ weight loss when the benefits of exercise are far greater. Here is a list of health benefits exercise gives you:

  • An increase in energy levels
  • An increase in strength, balance, flexibility and fitness levels
  • An increase in the sense of wellbeing
  • Improves your mood
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Helps control weight
  • Builds stronger bones, joints and muscles
  • A reduction in stress levels
  • A reduction in the chance of chronic diseases such as heart disease
  • A reduction in the risk of high blood pressure and reduces blood pressure for those that already have high blood pressure
  • Generally better health and a stronger immune system

….and many more!

With benefits like these, why would you want a to try a quick fix? No one said exercising is easy, but in life we all have to work for results and the best results come from those that work hardest!

Be a worker, not a slave!